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The idea of reflection

Only reflected feelings become experiences.  (Y. Hlibovytsky)
When we see yourself in the mirror before going out - to make sure that we look great (or think that look great/ in a way we choose). So the mirror is reflecting ourselves and giving us a feedback. Based on this feedback we can make a decision by evaluating the feedback: to go or not to go yet (fix hair/ change shirt) - and then go.

Wouldn't be nice to have something like this for our brain? I don't mean CT-scans and MRI machines, but actually something about our thoughts and actions. About our experiences. Something which could help us to see ourselves in different situations and evaluate it. And decide whether we would do it again. For example, foodie type of people would love the idea of non-stop eating or eating as much as they want. But people around would give immediate feedback - 'oh you are getting fatter', which is in the most if the societies is not a good thing (the doc may say it's not good f…