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Translantau: not making it through

There are mistakes and there are failures. If you can fix the mistake, it's not a failure. But here is a failure and what I learned from it.

I withdrew from Translantau Ultra 100 km after going 93.2 km, at last check point. It is a trail running event on Lantau Island, the biggest outlying island of Hong Kong ( We started run at 23:30 on Fri and it took me nearly 24 hours to get to the last check point. Obviously there was no-sleep night on Fri as we were running, plus many participants including myself had full working on the day of the event. So it was a good challenge from the start.
How did it start
A former colleague, Nelson, told me about this trail-running event. He said there is an option of 25 km, 50 km and 100 km. 'Of course, I will go 100K'. So the registration day came (sometime in October 2016) and I was set on the list. Also there was another Ukrainian running as well, but I haven't chance to get to know him in person.
In fact, I…