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Experience with The Economist Club

I believe that it is a human obligation and responsibility to do what you are passionate about. Somehow my brain is designed in such way when I got an idea, it can hardly can leave it unless I would actually implement it into the reality. One of such ideas was The Economist Club - an informal gathering of The Economist magazine readers to discuss issues and articles through intellectual and mutually respected conversations. 
My affair with The Economist magazine goes back to 2012, when I started to follow it and read those 'complicated' articles. Many friends complained about language difficulty: 'I just can't understand that English'. Indeed, it is not easy to understand the content if you are not a native speaker (maybe being a native speaker does not help much too). I remember times, when while forcing myself to read an article, was having thoughts: 'Gods, what is This all about?'. At the beginning, quite often I had very little or no idea about the mea…