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The Future of Oil - report from The Economist

Today, Dec 1st, Thu, 2016 we had a meeting of The Economist Club and discussed the report 'Breaking the Habit' (link) about future of oil. In Total we had six people attending, all from finance field except myself. Here would like to highlight key points of the discussion:

1. Keep it below 2 C. In December of last year during UN summit on climate change it was agreed that governments would make effort to decrease emissions of CO2 and keep climate change average temperature increase below two degrees celsius.

2. Oil's contribution. Oil consumption accounts for more than half of world energy basket. 46% of it goes to vehicles for transportation

3.  Next conditions shall be be met in order to reach the target below 2C:

A. Investment in natural gas (among the 'cleanest' types of energy): it is a longer terms investment with less ROI compare to oil (that's why investment into oil prevails)

B. Alternative tech: batteries and EVS. The cost of batteries still high and…

Experience with The Economist Club

I believe that it is a human obligation and responsibility to do what you are passionate about. Somehow my brain is designed in such way when I got an idea, it can hardly can leave it unless I would actually implement it into the reality. One of such ideas was The Economist Club - an informal gathering of The Economist magazine readers to discuss issues and articles through intellectual and mutually respected conversations. 
My affair with The Economist magazine goes back to 2012, when I started to follow it and read those 'complicated' articles. Many friends complained about language difficulty: 'I just can't understand that English'. Indeed, it is not easy to understand the content if you are not a native speaker (maybe being a native speaker does not help much too). I remember times, when while forcing myself to read an article, was having thoughts: 'Gods, what is This all about?'. At the beginning, quite often I had very little or no idea about the mea…

On Evolution

Charles Darwin was one of the founders of evolutionary biology. In his book On the Origin of Species he articulated two major points: descent with modification and natural selection.
Descent with Modification
All the contemporary species arose from the succession of ancestors that differed from them. That shows unity and diversity of the life. The unity is in the fact that species share same ancestor and diversity is in great variety of different species of the same origin.

Natural Selection
Darwin started with the following three observations from the nature. First, individuals in populations vary in their traits, many of which seem to be heritable (passed on from parents to offspring). Second, a population can produce far more offspring than can survive to produce offspring on their own. With more individuals, than the environment is able to support, the competition is inevitable. Third, species generally suit to their environments, which means they are adapted to their environments…

Why on Ramadan

Time for Ramadan
Being born in Christian Orthodox family and while growing up in the south part of Ukraine, I had no particular religious preferences. However since childhood I like to read, so when was 8 years old read Bible for Kids, then went for the Old Testament and some part of New Testament (which was not as easy to understand and follow). Nevertheless this year I went for Ramadan for the last 12 days of it (starting June 24th and till July 6th).

According to the source (here), Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and a time of fasting for Muslims all over the world. Fasting shall be kept from sunrise to sunset for the period of one month. It is not allowed to eat or drink anything while sun is up. Ramadan is one of five pillars of Islam, and as it states in Chapter 2, Verse 185, of the Quran: The month of Ramadan is that in which was revealed the Quran; a guidance for mankind, and clear proofs of the guidance, and the criterion (of right and wrong). And whosoever …