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How is it like to be on business trip?

So, what do you do for living? When people ask what do I do for work, usually the reply is "international business development for medical device company". And they are like "hmm, sounds advanced, you must travel a lot.." And quite often they think it is very cool. It can be, but it is not as simple as much fun. Business is business and let me share experience I have had so far over past almost two years.
I work in rehabilitation robotics industry, which is also in the category of "sunrise industry". In the whole world you find around 20 companies, which claim they do rehabilitation robots, but actually there are less than 10. In the past 16 month we have been three times to Germany, went also to Indonesia, Russia, Singapore, Brazil, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Romania, Italy, Greece, Belgium, the USA (also twice), UAE, Thailand, Israel, Ethiopia, Egypt and Turkey. Till end of November I am expected to visit Germany two more times. In total there ar…

Benefits of hiking

First time I ever did hiking was at the beginning of 2009. Remember are that time my friend Lydmyla Kololchuk organized winter hiking to Carpathian Mountains for 5 days. Winters in Ukraine cold, especially in Carpathians with a lot of snow. Nevertheless it was my first and memorable experience with mountains, which I enjoyed so much. Later on, while doing studying exchange program in Seoul, South Korea, I did hiking with friends almost every weekend. And then, since I came to Hong Kong, a land with perfect combination of mountain and sea, try to catch every chance to hike.
Hiking always gave me some unique joy and satisfaction. This is not about the view (although to have a nice view from the peak is a good thing). This is more about the process, the challenge, the way how you think about reaching the top. While hiking I always keep in mind analogy with a career development, personal growth or achievement of a goal. You don't always necessarily need to see the peak in order to m…