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Events That Matter

In October, November and December of last year I got a chance to participate in three stunning world-class events: The Economist Innovation Summit, China Summit and APAC Innovation Summit. Two of them were organized by The Economist and last one by Hong Kong Science and Technology Park. Here are my thoughts on these events.
Why do events matter?
In my believe, people join events for growth. At least I do. The growth can be personal (while learning something), financial (find prospective clients and/or maintaining company's goodwill), sociable (networking and meeting new friends). Ideally you want all three aspects, but it also depends on goals you carry before joining the event. For instance, while joining the events, I did not set up financial related goals, while focusing on Knowledge/Understanding and People/Networking. For most of us the progress of life is important. You want to be smarter next year, richer, know more people and try more new things. That's partly how you…