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Sort of Milestone

Today is exactly three months I have been working with Rehab-Robotics Company in Hong Kong. It is medical device company, which has main product - sEMG-driven robotic arm for after stroke rehabilitation. I am responsible for business development in Europe and America. 

In the past three months we have attened four exhibitions - two in Germany (Dusseldorf - Rehacare, Medica), one in Indonesia (Jakarta) and just came back from Russia (Moscow). Many people were wondering what do I think about Hong Kong. The answer I would put in this way:  Some time ago The Economist in one of the articles about South Korea wrote: "The only people unimpressed by South Korea's accomplishments.. are South Koreans itself". When you come to Hong Kong as a tourist, you truly impressed by this global city. When you started to work here, you see another side.  So far I would call my lifestyle here as WES mode. WES stands for Work-Eat-Sleep. 12-14 hours daily, often weekend (due to exhibitions and …