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Hong Kong: "Umbrella revolution" on the granit

At the 1st of October russian media went with the news that Hong Kong protesters are led by UFO. Although we have no dount how "trustworthy" russian media is, I decided to go to Admiralty (a part of Hong Kong Island occupied by demontrators) and talk with people there. 
First of all, let's clarify what's going on. On August 31st PRC government in Beijing accepted a law, which determined the way how Hong Kong (HK) people can "elect" its Chief Executive (the city's mayor). Basically at first the candidates will go through screening process by the authorities in the capital, which select two-three candidates. After that HK people can vote for these "approved" candidates. However it's not what people in HK want - they want true election democtratic system and universal suffrage (elect its leaders without Beijing approval). The protests started by students, who banned classes and went on the streets. Later more people joined and during …