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Appeal to international leaders and the world community

You probably have already heard about on-going war between Ukraine and Russia. There is something I would like to say, as Ukrainian
War times

On July 17th Malaysian airplane was shut down with 298 people killed by Russia-sponsored separatists using Russia-sent military technology on the east side of Ukraine. On August 27th between 3000 to 4000 Putin's troops have invaded Ukraine (evidence with satellite pictures you can see here). By official UN data more then 3000 Ukrainians have been killed in the war with Russia-backed separatists and Russian troops, many of them just like my age - around 23 or even younger. Also intensive information war with dozens of lies is led by Russian government through controlled media. For example, the boy allegedly wounded in Donetsk turned out to be in Syria (a picture taken a year ago) or a movie still used to illustrate real news from Donbas (more evidence you can see here). No doubt why 84% of Russians are supporting its government actions towards …