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How to get The Economist conference? Adventure story.

Dedicated to Yevhen Hlibovytsky
Around five years ago I took part in the "School of Young Politicians" project, which was organized by the Ukrainian Foundation of Support Reforms. One of the speakers was Yevhen Hlibovytsky. He told us the story of the creation of the Channel 5, TV Channel, for $ 300 and adventures associated with it, the importance of self-learning and understanding of sociology and statistical terminology. Then I asked my first question: "How to change the mentality of Members of the Parliament?" The question was in the context that they are mostly concerned about their own pockets, rather than serving people. How to make them think and care more about the people? Yevhen gave a long and confusing answer, asking at the end: "Did you get it?". I nodded, but really did not understand anything of what he said actually. However one very valuable thing I took after his lecture - thanks to him I found out about The Economist - one of the most r…