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Freedom and responsibility

Recently I have some thoughts regarding freedom and responsibility. Responsibility is something which we respond to or take care of. Freedom is the ability to act as regards of our will. Oftenly when we get some sorts of responsibility we have to act as not as we would will. For example, a husband and father should take care of the family and "final-responsible" for the family well-being and prosperity. In most of the world's cultures he has to provide enough money for wife and children (sometimes also his parents). It is a quite a big pressure and can be situation "I don't want to, but I should". Another example comes from the work place: I have met many people, who responded on my question: "Do you like your work?" something like rhetorically "OMG, it is a work, how can you like it?". It leads to the situation when we take the responsibility, which actually condtradicts to the will. So it is a truth to say that for most of the people,…