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Until the lights on

Sometimes things don't turn the way we would like them to do so. It is good to hope and expect fair winds and following seas, but can be that storm happens on the way.  
What to do then? You should believe that all the things - good or bad are neutral by its nature. It is just you, a human, which gives emotional coloring to the particular situation or case. Stay cool, be focused. Even if it seems that ship just about to sink, you, as a captain, can prevent it. Maybe it was a mistake to ignore the nature forecast and go for that journey. Anyway forecast is just a forescast. You never know until you try. But now it does not matter. You do not regret. You learn and remember why you took this journey.  You have a Dream. 
If one way does not work - try another. You need to be bold, brave and creative. Do things. Life is like a theory of probability and statistics: the more we do, the higher are chances to succeed and achieve a desirable result. It was proven by Thomas Eddison  ".…