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where is America - is there a war?

Today I attened one event in Cocoon (startup comunity in Hong Kong and co-working space) and met with two Hongkongnese gentelmens in their best 40ies. One of them did a presentation about education in HBS. Main message: "Good companies push their managers to do more operational excellence. But Great companies push managers to spend more time on strategy development. A great company starts from a great strategy". Well can be argued. The great idea in nothing without great execution. And one can't be well without another. But it's not what I want to write about. 
There was another person with him - his friend. When both of them recognized I am from Ukraine, they asked one of the most frequently asked questions: "Are you pro-Russian or pro-European?" I replied that Ukraine needs to be more integrated with EU. And then this gentelman (a friend of the presentor) said something like this:  I will tell you something and you might not like it. Everything what'…