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it is enough

In the end of December we had a Toastmasters annual dinner. I asked my Chinese friends: "What is your the biggest achievement during this year that makes you proud?" Most of them mentioned things related to the family. Like "I bought a house for my parents for money that I earned by myself" or "My biggest achievement for this year is Tiffanie" (Tiffanie is a girl's name). There are three most important values for Chinese people: family, money and friends (for majority is exactly the same sequence). And when I asked "Are there something more should be in the life?", the usual answer is: "No, it is enough". Similar to Jewish. But Jewish have religion.
The Dream for majority of Chinese people is simply to be happy. The family is the main resource of happiness, because it is a place for love, trust, safety/security, support.. Family, as number one value, is a cultural element - tradition. Every year, when it is a time for Chinese New …