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Shanghai: first impressions

“China Immigration Agency is watching you”, - that was my first memorable point, when I saw a big board with just three English words “China Immigration Agency” near Pudong International Airport in Shanghai. I heard a story about one Russian businessman. He got a business visa for 12 months. However, he spent in China 13 months, but by law had to do in only 12 months. As a result, Chinese Immigration Agency put him in jail for one additional month. So, it is better not to play with immigration agencies at all, especially in China, if you do not plan to get additional Chinese jail-experience. First of all, I thank to my friends, who supported and sent messages to me on FB and Gmail. I am okay, really. I am not here to figure out who I am and where I am going. I am not going to live here all my live. I am not going to obtain Chinese citizenship, find a wife and have babies (actually, I don't like one-baby-born policy) :). I am quite clear with goals, which definitely I need to achie…