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The Real Value of Responsibility

This is a text of my prepared speech, which I delivered in Shanghai Leadership Toastmasters Club in the 24th of July, 2013.

Responsibility is something we are born with and it will follow us all our life. To start with, we are all charged with two responsibilities we can never ignore: one is to improve ourselves and other is to strive for balance in life. Also we are responsible for what we take on in life. Whatever we set in motion, we are responsible for the scope and nature of the activity that comes up: cause and effect. Cause and effect is one of the laws of creation that no human can avoid. If we look at etymology of the word “responsibility” – it comes from ancient Greek with the meaning “set back in line”. Then used in Latin and consists from two parts: “re”, which means “back” and “spondere”, which means “pledge” and retains the sense of "obligation" in the Latin root of word. During XVII century “Be responsible” got meaning “to be accountable for one’s action”, “an…