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USA experience

Finally, I am at home. We saw a lot, and me personally learned a lot (I didn't ask other people from the group, so can speak only from personal prospective).
If you remember, before the trip I established three goals, which I was going to achieve during this program. I below you may read some kind of report on it.
First goal was to learn experience of the USA in the NGO field, understand how system "civil society-government-business" works and define how this experience can be applied to Ukraine. During the program I realized, that everything is about money and taxes: people (society) & business pay taxes to government, and than they control how money is spent. Through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) business helps Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in their operating.Than corporates get "tax discount". For example, you are a corporate and have to pay $ 12 000 taxes, but some NGO asked you to support their activity and needed $ 7 000. If you pay, …