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Learning from others

4:57 am.. After 3 hours of successful sleeping I woke up with accompany the most liked marsh ever. Today I change my place of living and come back to Troeshchyna (part of Kyiv). And now I am in first morning train on the way to the capital city of Ukraine, few people are in train car with me and lots of points in my mind.

Bohdan Havrylyshyn said that we have to see a good part of people. Everybody has his/her own light and dark sides. But if we see and concentrate on positive side of a person, he or she will try to correspond to this view (it's a human psyhology). And he said there will be a disappointment sometimes. And finally I faced with this.

One thing for me was quite obvious, like an axiom in math: if you are friends, I mean really true friends, there shouldn't be any unsaid "background" questions. And I think such approach should be accepted in life generally. Following the Stephen Covie's statement (from the book "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective …