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Three easy rules of successful hitchhiking in Europe

Hitchhiking is a way of travelling by transport, which moves into the way as you need without payment (for free). Transport can be a car, or a track, or a bus, train, ship and even plane. Hitchhiking as a way of traveling was born in the USA during the Great Depression, when people did not have enough money to pay for busses or trains in order to get the place, where they were working. The government started the promotion campaign “Help your neighbor” and заохочувати drivers to take people on the road (hitchhikers).
You may ask: hm.. Wait, wait Sergii, I have enough money for traveling, I have a laptop, I have iPad, iPhone, I have a car.. Why do I need to know these three easy rules of successful hitchhiking in Europe? And I will answer: Dear, you don’t know what’s going to happen in the middle of your “all-inclusive trip”. You may lose your wallet with all documents and money; you may lose your tourist group in another city and left your bag in the bus. And you may save yourself with…