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Changes need exchanges

This point was said by Eckart Stratenschulte, Director of European Academy Berlin, when we discussed today about civil society issue in Ukraine. Changes need exchanges. We need more volunteers in civil society, we need more people, who share european values, who are open-minded and understand as well as feel what does Europe means. We need more leaders. In order to make Ukraine on the right direction of move, we have to have more ukrainians, who were abroad and came back home. In this case European Volunteering Service, Ersamus Mundus, different projects, like "Europe in a suitcase" are really great and important.

Education. Than better educated people will be, than more developed country we will have. Now education is more globilized. Such cases like Coursera, just prove that point.

I was wondering to understand: why EU foundations support different projects in Ukraine? There are like Robert Schuman, Kondrad Adenauer Foundations, which support the Europe in a suitcase proj…