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what about now

During last month so many things happened. As usual. 
I came to Crimea in the end of August for one week for having a rest and was so surprised about beaty of the nature, mountains, seaside, fresh air, clean water. It was really fantastic time - I slept a lot, read a lot, swinmming a lot, hiking to mountains (even one night spend on the mountain). On the back was I did hitchhiking, because there were no available tickets for train from Simferopol to Kyiv. 3 am, raining, I am in 10 km to Mykolaiv (city in Ukraine), no one would like to stop for me. But finally in 20 hours I reached the capital of Ukraine.
From September 2nd till today, September 7th, I participatein in Economic Forum of Young Leaders in Poland. There were near 300 participant from 40 countries of Europe and Middle East. Before participation in the Forum I set several goals - what I would like to achieve there. I came to this event mainly for networking - meeting young leaders from different countries and understanding…