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Thank you.

His name is Volodymyr. I met with him almost one year ago, as a JCI Youth member. Today he is Executive Vice-President’12 in JCI Youth. I am really glad that he is in JCI and would like to say “thank you” to him, because of several reasons.
First of all, he is responsible, reliable and hardworking person. All tasks, which he did, were done on high quality level and in short period of time. He has no fear to take responsibility, to face with a new challenge and put idea into action. Responsibility is the first characteristic of true leader. He has a good leadership potential.
Second, Volodymyr strives to be better. He is open for new knowledge, wants to improve his skills all the time.
Third, he is really interesting person. Volodymyr has a hobby, likes enigmas, case-study of international companies. For instance, last time he asked me McKinsey case-study. I didn’t answer yet, but have some ideas).
Volodymyr is a very good person. I am happy that he is in the board of organization this yea…