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Expect nothing. Blame nobody. Do something.

That is main message, which Pavlo Sheremeta (Senior Member at the Blue Ocean Strategy Network) said to participants of Victor Pinchuk program "". And that makes sense. Last two weeks I did really something. As you remember, I have decided to do my blog more proffesional, but leave some part of personal life.

Last time I invest in self-education. I continue to read a book Gunter Pauli "The Blue Economy", watch videos on, read articles on The Economist and Harvard Business Review. It takes from 30 min to 1 hour every day, but I feel like a person on the move, the global move. 

My internship in Samsung is over. Probably that was one of the most interesting working experience. Samsung is my first international company (not exactly mine :), but still...). A lot of hardworking people are there with positive attitude to live life. Thanks to all people, whom I met there, it was really something to learn in them.

Also with friends on the last weeked I organize…