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Not so long time ago I decided to change a little bit content of the blog and my life. Here I will share with you articles, videos, ideas, which I'll find interesting and useful. Because I believe: it will be better to learn something new, develop yourself, rather than just read what happened in Sergii's life again. Of course, I will mentioned main actions, which are happening with me, but not so detailed.
Actually I am interested in economical, business and politics topics as well as personal development and social issues. And people. In true, it is possible to choose just one topic (e.g., business) and post in that way. But world is so interesting and I do not want to build some restrictions. It may happened in future, like in one or two years. Btw, will see.
My previous post ("What to do if you are a banana?") was actually about serious topic (not exactly bananas). I do not know how many of you watch those video, but it's about marketing strategy in social ne…