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Europe in a suitcase

Last three days I participated in the program "Europe in a suitcase" and just went back from the hotel "Rus" where I have lived last time (in true, that hotel is not bad as you can imagine just from outside view near Olimpiysky stadium). In true, I did not think that is so good, when I sent an application. I just had an idea: Sergii, there will be some might be interesting or might be not so lectures about EU ingtegration and you can partly participate.

But finally that was no. I mean, there were lectures about Europe and EU integration (that is different - not same and important), but interesting. We met some first officials, like former minister of foreign affairs Borys Tarasyuk (now he is a leader of Narodny Ruh Party), also for me it was interesting to recognize the political situation in Ukraine in 2012. The speaker was Nico Lange (Director, Kondrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Ukraine) a German guy. He told very truly and not nice thing about our politicians (corruptions…