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keep going

That are already 42 days of 2012. 42 days I am a President of JCI Youth and a little bit less days I am a student of second semester of my last year of studying.

Well, many things happened. I am not gonna do a review of that days, but would like to tell you about results of 42 days of my activity this year.

I am a finalyst of International Student Business Forum, which will be held in Greece and organized by Deloitte. The final stage of selection procedure will be in Feb. 16, then the most outstanding candidate will be selected and represents Ukraine on the ISBF.

And today I received results of another competition ( that I am not considering as a finalyst, so that is no options and hope for me to receive a scholarship each months like $ 100 during the year and participate in special trainings and seminars.

Also I got a confirmation that I am a participant of the programm "Study Tours to Poland". So, hopefully will go to Poland in April for two weeks and…