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some photos from the USA


How to Become a Better Leader and Public Speaker?

Just crazy Sunday. After "Night of Inspiration", where we have watched great inspirational movies, like Forest Gump, in the cinema, I went to the training about leadership. We discussed and tried to figure out several questions like: What skills will we need to become leaders in an increasingly global world? How can we prepare ourselves for global leadership opportunities? How to become an effective leader and how to get what you want? The speaker was Sam Potolicchio, Georgetown University Professor, one of 300 Best Professors of America according to Princeton Review. The event was organized by Alumni Resource Center in cooperation with American Councils for International Education. And as far as I know, Alina Beskrovna was the person, who initiated his visit to Ukraine and I really thanks her for this.
So, I have got several points from Sam, which would like to share here with you. It is necessary to get a personal contact with every person in the room (even if there are lik…

Ніч натхнення

Взагалі я вважаю, що найкращий час для написання постів - це ранок. Іноді ще підходить п'ятниця вечір, - так, щоб виговоритись). Ця п'ятниця виявилася досить цікавою - ми провели збори палати JCI Youth ввечері, організували невелику корпоративну вечірку, і я офіційно передав повноваження Володимиру, який буде президентом JCI Youth 2013.
В ніч з суботи на неділю сталася ще інша подія - "Ніч Натхнення". Ми орендували залу у Кінопанорамі та показали декілька фільмів, що надихають. Зокрема, ми переглянули Фореста Гампа, Велику Рибу та Достукатися до Небес. Між перервами ще були десяти-хвилинні радянські мультфільми в стилі "Їжачок-у-тумані", що теж було досить концептуально та цікаво. На думку Євгена Г., тільки відрефлексоване переживання стає досвідом. Тут можна довго сперечатися що є "переживання" і "досвід". Я не вважаю цю думку 100% правильною, але щось у ній є, і хотів би трохи підрезюмувати результати останньої ночі.
Форест Гамп. Я так…

USA experience

Finally, I am at home. We saw a lot, and me personally learned a lot (I didn't ask other people from the group, so can speak only from personal prospective).
If you remember, before the trip I established three goals, which I was going to achieve during this program. I below you may read some kind of report on it.
First goal was to learn experience of the USA in the NGO field, understand how system "civil society-government-business" works and define how this experience can be applied to Ukraine. During the program I realized, that everything is about money and taxes: people (society) & business pay taxes to government, and than they control how money is spent. Through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) business helps Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in their operating.Than corporates get "tax discount". For example, you are a corporate and have to pay $ 12 000 taxes, but some NGO asked you to support their activity and needed $ 7 000. If you pay, …

in the middle

Almost two weeks I am in the USA as a participant of International Visitors Leadership Program. Almost two quite busy and full of experience weeks. In Washington DC I took part in the conference, which was organized by US-Ukraine Foundation. The topic of the conference was "Leadership in the Global World" and we have discussed a lot about youth issue and how it is important to provide high-quality education. That was an important event with Ambassadors, Ministers, NBU representatives, top level businessmen, givernment bodies (even the Mayor of Kyiv came to Washington for Gala-dinner).
I was glad to meet Collin Powell there, American statesman and a retired four-star general in the United States Army. He presented his book "It worked for me: in life and leadership". I asked him do he had a goal to become the most important person in the US Army, general, when he was 21-22 years old. Mr. Powell answered: no, because it does not work. He said: "Do your best ever…