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After the Economic Forum of Young leaders I went to Oswiencim - Auschwitz and Birkenau - a place, where near 1.5 million people were murdered by nazi regime. I can not say actually how was it - to be there. It's not interesting and interesting at the same time. I can not imagine what kind of creative mind a person had had that created such system.. And for me it is even harder to believe that now some people still share this ideas. I think that is because they have never been in such places and never feel as well as think how is to be a prisoner there. Definitely we have to remember it. And never, never, never allow to happen this again.

Changes need exchanges

This point was said by Eckart Stratenschulte, Director of European Academy Berlin, when we discussed today about civil society issue in Ukraine. Changes need exchanges. We need more volunteers in civil society, we need more people, who share european values, who are open-minded and understand as well as feel what does Europe means. We need more leaders. In order to make Ukraine on the right direction of move, we have to have more ukrainians, who were abroad and came back home. In this case European Volunteering Service, Ersamus Mundus, different projects, like "Europe in a suitcase" are really great and important.

Education. Than better educated people will be, than more developed country we will have. Now education is more globilized. Such cases like Coursera, just prove that point.

I was wondering to understand: why EU foundations support different projects in Ukraine? There are like Robert Schuman, Kondrad Adenauer Foundations, which support the Europe in a suitcase proj…

Be Global !

During 3rd-7th September I took part in one of the most interesting events last year – 7thEconomic Forum of Young Leaders, which was held in Nowy Sacz, Poland (100 km from Krakow). It was four-day forum, where near 300 young leaders from different European and Middle East countries met and learnt what’s going on in Europe, what’s the future and so on. Some interesting facts before, during and after the Forum, which might be interesting:
·Hitchhiking to Nowy Sacz. Yes, we did this – catched three cars from UA-PL border to the city (300 km). In true, it was easy and we didn’t wait more than 15 min. We (me and friend Sergiy) arrived to Nowy Sacz in late evening September 2nd and were not sure could we stay in our dorm or not. On the way of dorm we mixed the place and came at home to one polish family. Old women opened the door and when I told her who we are and why we came she said “Not understand” and called for her daughter. Later we found the place and everything was fine! The Forum. -P…

Могилянські реглани рятують

Сталося це буквально дві години тому, цього понеділка ввечері. Наразі я тимчасово живу у кращому гуртожитку Київської області - на Ворзелі (смт). То є гуртожиток від Києво-Могилянської Академії, від Святошино треба ще їхати електричкою хвилин 30-40. Власне гуртожиток - це санаторій, але не про нього хочу розказати.
Після вечірньої прогулянки з Наталкою я повертався до sweet home на Ворзель. Нарешті трапилося те, про що вже тиждень думав - я проспав свою зупинку. Ну а я їхав останньою на сьогодні електричкою. Зрозумівши, що десь там була зупинка швидко йду до виходу, а двері зачиняються. У чоловіка з велосипедом питаюся, яка то зупинка. Він сказав якусь назву, з чого я зрозумів, що таки Ворзель точно проїхав. Електричка рушає. А ми тиснемо на стоп-кран - зупиняємо електричку. Чоловік з велосипедом (звати Костя) побачивши на мені реглан з лого Могилянки та пересвідчившись, що я таки з КМА рекомендує не виходити хто-зна де, а поїхати і вийти на наступній зупинці. Пізніше з'ясувалось…

Crimea, Camus, Platon and Sergii brave-heart

From 19th to 26 August I had first time during last two years real vacations! During hole week I was in Crimea, South part of Ukraine, visited Sudak, Koktebel, Feodosia, slept a lot, read a lot and also thought a lot :)

I took several books with me: Platon "Dialogs", "The Plague" (Fr. La Peste), novel by Albert Camus, "The 7 Habits of Highly Effgective People". In the end of the trip I achieved a half of plan: Camus was done with half of Platon. And I have to say that is really "must read".

I would like to share with you some quotes from "The Plague". If you haven't read yet this novel, the short descrtiption from Wiki is: ".. that tells the story of medical workers finding solidarity in their labour as the Algerian city of Oran is swept by a plague. It asks a number of questions relating to the nature of destiny and the human condition. The characters in the book, ranging from doctors to vacationers to fugitives, all help to…

what about now

During last month so many things happened. As usual. 
I came to Crimea in the end of August for one week for having a rest and was so surprised about beaty of the nature, mountains, seaside, fresh air, clean water. It was really fantastic time - I slept a lot, read a lot, swinmming a lot, hiking to mountains (even one night spend on the mountain). On the back was I did hitchhiking, because there were no available tickets for train from Simferopol to Kyiv. 3 am, raining, I am in 10 km to Mykolaiv (city in Ukraine), no one would like to stop for me. But finally in 20 hours I reached the capital of Ukraine.
From September 2nd till today, September 7th, I participatein in Economic Forum of Young Leaders in Poland. There were near 300 participant from 40 countries of Europe and Middle East. Before participation in the Forum I set several goals - what I would like to achieve there. I came to this event mainly for networking - meeting young leaders from different countries and understanding…