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Expect nothing. Blame nobody. Do something.

That is main message, which Pavlo Sheremeta (Senior Member at the Blue Ocean Strategy Network) said to participants of Victor Pinchuk program "". And that makes sense. Last two weeks I did really something. As you remember, I have decided to do my blog more proffesional, but leave some part of personal life.

Last time I invest in self-education. I continue to read a book Gunter Pauli "The Blue Economy", watch videos on, read articles on The Economist and Harvard Business Review. It takes from 30 min to 1 hour every day, but I feel like a person on the move, the global move. 

My internship in Samsung is over. Probably that was one of the most interesting working experience. Samsung is my first international company (not exactly mine :), but still...). A lot of hardworking people are there with positive attitude to live life. Thanks to all people, whom I met there, it was really something to learn in them.

Also with friends on the last weeked I organize…


Not so long time ago I decided to change a little bit content of the blog and my life. Here I will share with you articles, videos, ideas, which I'll find interesting and useful. Because I believe: it will be better to learn something new, develop yourself, rather than just read what happened in Sergii's life again. Of course, I will mentioned main actions, which are happening with me, but not so detailed.
Actually I am interested in economical, business and politics topics as well as personal development and social issues. And people. In true, it is possible to choose just one topic (e.g., business) and post in that way. But world is so interesting and I do not want to build some restrictions. It may happened in future, like in one or two years. Btw, will see.
My previous post ("What to do if you are a banana?") was actually about serious topic (not exactly bananas). I do not know how many of you watch those video, but it's about marketing strategy in social ne…

Что делать если ты шампунь?

А у меня еще были жизненно важные вопросы: что делать, если ты бензин? и что делать, если ты невкусные хлопья с молоком? :)

Ну а если серьезно, то в перерыве между подготовкой к тестированию в Ernst & Young (изучаю F3 ACCA), которое должно состоятся 8 июня, поиском part-time job на Евро-2012, исполнением special task from Samsung Electronics (я подписал документ о неразглашении, поэтому не могу рассказать подробности) посмотрел интересную лекцию менеджера с Online коммуникаций Коли Белоусова с Panasonic. Нашел что-то толковое и решил поделиться. Так что enjoy :)

пс. А еще сегодня ночью мы смотрели "Люди в черном 3" - рекомендую.

Some points about people's behaviour

Last time I have a little bit thought about friendship and friends. It is to say that I have a lot of friends and it is all time pleasure for me to communicate and meet new people. And yet, few people I can call close friends, they are exactly three. I like them because they are true. Do not try to show me 156 times in one minute how cool and important they are and at the same time do not show me how cool I am. Of course, we are cool in our special way. I believe that everyone has really great personality, but sometimes this personalities do not think so. That's the pity. Friends say what they think, do not have a fear to show their position, point of view, which could be different. They are what they are and we have so much in common.

But I am not going to write an essay "What is the best friends", do not worry). Just want to share with you something interesting about people.

Bohdan Havrylyshyn sayed once: "We are all humans, who have good part and bad part. But i…