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The Elephants Eater


Just finished my tasks for "Project management" class and decided to write a little.

So, busy. In true, I hate to be busy and strive being productive. Finally, I am busy and productive. Oh, God, how it happened?

Diploma (bachelor thesis). Yeah, that's very important and really big elephant. My topic is "Indicators of development foreing trade between Ukraine and CIS". My friend Vasyl Kotsovskiy and me already presented  that research and you can find in online here. I have a goal to finished that till this Wednesday. Sounds like a good challenge.

Business-plan. I am writing business plan for my university store. We alredy have on-line store But we are striving to the new horizons. And will continue writing that after finishing to write this post. I have never experience in doing this. That is time to start.

Examination period. Ye, baby, it happens. From tomorrow. I am glad to have 4 classes and already almost earned 3 grades (tomorrow I…