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TOEFL & Beethoven

Last Saturday I passed TOEFL in Lviv. It was not so difficult. If you do enough preparation, so everything will be fine. I arrived at the day before, on Friday morning from Kyiv by train. A friend of mine, Volodymyr, met me and I stayed at his home. Well, it was being nice time in his house. I slept well, ate so tasty food, prepared for the TOEFL and watched movie "The Devil's Advocate".

In true, the test was not difficult at all. I passed that and later met my mother-in-law, Eleonora, with whom I went to coffee-shop, we drunk good coffee and disscussed about life, future and so on. Rapidly, a friend of Eleonora called her and say something like that: "Hey! I have three tickets on the Beethoven's concert. Would you like to come?". Of course, she would. And me.

Although, weather was not so polite (raining), I had actually great time in Lviv as a culture capital of Ukraine. Just like it. At the same time, in Kyiv, Business Show took place (a conference about s…