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Business: last week of November 2011

I have to write that, because in this fast moving life something can be forgotten. Could you imagine how I will be surprised, when will read this post after 10 years or 20 years? Or when my grandchildren will read this post? Sounds cool, right?! :-)

In the end of November I organized with support of Taras (owner of Comman Business School) a meeting with businessman - Maksym Khramov, the owner of business network "Pizza Celentano" in Kyiv. He told for more than 200 people own success story, how he started to do business, what were strenths and weaknesses on the way ("Celentano Pizza" is a franchising business) and so on. It was very informative and I recognized some specific things about franchising business in Ukraine. Hope, it was interesting  & useful for others as well.

Also I interviewed three entrepreneurs - Yaroslav, Oksana and Oleksandr, who are doing business in Ukraine. I asked them about how they started business, what is their approach to money, are …

Conference and examination period

On December 3rd I participated in the International KSE Conference "20 years after the end of Soviet Union: challenges and economic achievements", which took place in Kyiv, Ukraine. Actually, it's diffucult to say that it was so international conference: from foreign countries were represented Belorussia, Italy and Kazakhstan. Anyway, it was a good event with a lot of cool and smart people from different regions of Ukraine. I met new friends - Evgeniy from Donetsk, Vitaliy from Chernivtsi (Ukraine) and Pavel from Belorussia. Also me and my friend Vasyl won first prize as best research paper, which was presented on the Conference. I have to say, that we spent really a lot of time on the actual research and 7 hours for making a presentation in the Prezi. More information about this you can read here
On December 5, Monday, examination period officially started at my university. I tried to be a good student during this semester and my marks mostly have A or B.On December 4…