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Good good life

Well, finally I am here. It is like an ability to find a time for writing posts between 2 and 4 am. Best time actually, my roommate Roma is sleeping. I guess, almost everybody is sleeping this time, calm time).

That was short introduction. In those five weeks many things as usual happened. All-ukrainian forums "Be Entrepreneur" and "ISpeak" happened. Be Entrepreneur is about how to do business in Ukraine. ISpeak is about development orathory skills. I was an initiator of these two really big projects, and it is really cool to understand that you did something usefull. As I know, after Be Entrepreneur two groups of participants found potential investors, it means probably new business will happened soon..

In November 18th, the Day of Economic Faculty happened. We celebrated that quite well, even I did good and funny perfomance-dance during the concert. Also I was organizer one more project: "Charity Auction of Dating". We saled people: teachers, girls and…