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my best 20th!

I don't know, good it is or not, just look at the facts.

In Octobers 9th I had birthday, 20 years. I don't know how it is in other countries, but in Ukraine this like "full date" (for ins., 20, 25, 30..50 - 100 years) people celebrate with a lot of, really a lot of fun. My 20th birthday was very funny: I was studying and organizing projects. If you compare last year birthday celebration, when friends of mine with me went to the centre of Seoul (in South Korea) with posters: "I need a girl", "Today is his birthday", "free hugs" and my mobile phone - sooooo different - you coul realize how much fun I had.

It's not me, on the second picture, but you can imagine how it looked) Degradation? Growth & development? Might be, other guy after this comprasion would do a suicide, but not me :D

I guess, it's a new level of workoholism, Korean lifestyle still impact on me - do my best in goals-achievement everytime and everywehere, the best …