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last week of September: intensive & interesting

Long time didn't write. As usual, a little busy time.
Last week, was being so intensive by events. I organized 3 excursions to the Ukrainian Parliament, 1 meeting with former Minister of Finance in Ukraine - Victor Pinzenyk, JCI Youth mounth members meeting in JT International and had a night in university's library.

Let's look at that step by step:

Excursions to the Ukrainin Parliament: I already was being there 5th times, so those week I didn't visit. Katya, fresh-student, helped me very well in organizing process.Meeting with former Minister of Finance: he told us about current economic situation, about necessary reforms and decreasing a role of state in the Economy, etc. It was interesting to hear, but I didn't get main points. It was being a lot of information.. Yeah, we have to do a lot of things for make our economy "healthy and wealthy" ;-)JCI Youth monthly member meeting. I discussed a lot, presented current projects, told about future plans, ide…