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Last Sunday I run my first marathon 42 km 195 m in 4 hours 14 minutes and 4 seconds. In true, it was one of the most difficult achievemts during last two years. Although, I did preparation previously: tried to run every morning, a week before did 1/2 marathon running (21 km), - it was really really hard.

I want to thank to Paula Osborn from USA (we run together last 20 km) and to my friends - Alina Beskrovna and Victoria Bula. Support from your friends and "runmate", especially last 10 km, is very important and necessary.

The most difficult was being to run last 5 km. My legs became a chronic pain, back.. Actually, I thought to stop and just walk a little, but understood: if I would stop, I wasn't able to countinue running after that. Yes, it was running on the limit. And I realized, how strong is my willing to get finish point.

Last our of running was nothing with my physical ability to run. But it was a deal with "control" my brain, push out wrong thoughts and …