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If you can dream it - you can do it..  W. Disney

First two weeks of September were being so active. Finally, I found the job - organizer the biggest conference in Ukraine - Bizshow, I really like it and enjoy. Today had first day of working, glad to work there.

By the way, I founded goals till the end of the year. Have you ever heard about a wheel of life? It is about a balance in your life.

Yeah, it looks like that. You have to mark how do you feel a level of satisfaction in every sphere of life. Some scientists believe, that if everything will be in balance and satisfied by max, then person become as the most happiest in the world. It is happines. In case you have "in balance" - you can be happy also, I believe, but not as could be.. This balance.. is a little bit difficult.
Now I am working to improve next three part of life: finance, relationship and family.
Finance: I have a goal to earn 1100 Euros till the end of year 2011. The reason is strong, believe me.
Family: from my …