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bus-day in Romania and non-bus night at the same place


Today we arrived from Bucharest to Sibiu, Transilvania. This trip took all day, because we were driving through mountains, which are actually great!! I overslept my brekfast and finally felt so hungry when we were in hydroelectricity station. Yeah, I was being inside of Vidraru HydroElectricity station as a participant of summer school "Energy and Economic Growth". It was really really cool.

Then we came to Sibiu, stay in Ibis Hotel and went to the restaurant. Actually I have never thought that you can dance in the restaurant as same as in the night club. There were many different songs, but mostly romanian. Aaaaaa, it was soooo f*king funny to dance with Lilit and Adrianu! Also I learnt some romanian national dance-movement)

Finally I realized: you will enjoy every moment of your life if you are just follow your passion!

Thank you being with me and reading this post! Enjoy every moment of your life!!