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Best enjoy slowly: Cesis, Latvia!

It happened one day… We came back from Estonia and stayed in Valmiera, city in Latvia, which is located in one hour driving by car from Riga. Weather was raining and we had a free time. In Valmiera we already have been in different places and were thinking how could we to spend our time by interesting way and with so much fun. Our Latvian friend recommended us to go to the nearest city to Valmiera, which is Cesis (just 30 km far from us).

There is beginning to everything. The city and area is quite interesting, as we realized later, with history more than eight hundred years. So, we arrived by car with a driver Yanis from Valmiera (he was being our guide in Cesis, originally from Valmiera) to the centre. I was being with friends from Ukraine (Eleonora), Mexico (Ramon), and Germany (Ana). Our journey has started…'

And from the first step we were impressed by view: it was a big green Castle park (because of castle is there) with a river, which sometimes looks like a small lake. Ther…