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hitchhiking to the Atlantic Ocean. People on the move.

Просмотреть увеличенную карту

Yeah.. we did it. From July 9th to July 23th I was traveling with my friend Oksana by hitchhiking to the Atlantic Ocean. We visited Rzeshow (Poland, July 9), Vienna, Saltzburg (Austria, July 10), Munich (Germany, July 11), Zurich, Bern (Switzerland, July 12), Lyon, Toulouse (France, July 13), Bilbao, La Coruna, the Atlantic Ocean (July, 14-18) and I was back through Paris, Strasbourg, Frankfurt, Dresden, Krakow, crossed border Poland-Ukraine on July 23.

It was being really really great time!! Every day was full on so many good activities. Sometimes we were lost, sometimes sleeping in the park (in Munich), near road (Santander), at home (Toulouse), hostel (Bern)..

Drivers were so different and interesting during the Way. It was not to hitchhike actually, safety.. We got more than 7 000 km during two weeks, were in 6 countries - Poland, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France and Spain. We reached the goal - to the Atlantic Ocean only by hitchhiking, no buses…