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new experience!

When Sergii Molchanov will become "old man" and "grandfather" he gonna write book about his Life-Story and posts from the blog, he guess, will be useful for this goal. 25 of June, Year 2011.
But it won't happen soon, so welcome to read what is second part of June 2011 in my life.

Sereously I am looking for some kind of new sense. Opened list of tasks from 13 June and saw:
14.06 - create a plane for hitchhiking (to the Atlantic Ocean). Will go with Oksana. More about our hitchhiking plan I will discuss later.
15.06 - pass exam "Security of Labour". Almost sucessfully, got strong "B".
16.06 - preparation to the testing in KPMG and to the seminar "Ecology". Also on this day I past last tests to KPMG.
17.06 - was doing something interesting, but still not remember :-)

18.06 - participated in conference TEDxKyiv "Entrepreneurship". It was being my first experience TED in real life. You should know it was being really really int…