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1/2 of June

tired, even more than from last time. I am trying to live with princile every day is the best, the unique one, and appreciate every moment. That is kind of framework for happyness, love and success. But I lost something, 'coz this formula doesn't work. Or doesn't work yet?

During last two weeks was doing many interesting actions: trying to find job, girlfriend, being as a good student and responsible as a project manager. Might be, I have to clarify this points.
Job. I past exams to Samsung (Samsung Aptitude Test) and KPMG companies (online aptitude tests). HR from PricewaterhouseCoopers told me I am so young and should firstly graduate and then they could offer job for me.  Aptitude tests to Samsung and KPMG checked two part of me as a personality: my math skills and logical thinking. And I will write the last one test in KPMG on Thirsday. With Samsung it as eing easier: just come to office and wroute test (similar to IQ). KPMG has more harder system: CV, than calling (p…