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ILead Forever!! Great experience.

Hello guys!!

This long time (almost one month) I didn't write nothing, 'coz was being really busy. Pass exams (not finished yet) and organize all-ukrainian leadership forum ILead ( as a project-manager. 100 people at the same time and at the same place were coming for learn more about leadership and develop yourself. We have got many different topics - branding personality, time-managenent, communication and networking, oratory, project-management, team-building, goals and energy for achieving them..  It was being really hard, and participant of Forum are really happy - coz all this things are so practical.

Also to programm of forum we added practical part - two competitions: contest of projects and contest of oratory. That distinguished ILead from other forums, where only theory usually are existing. That is innovation!

In true, during the forum we had some troubles - difficulties with speaker-oratory, lunch, organization momnents... Mostly of troubles are happen…