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come back to the reality

Yesterday was being on the lecture of Germany's Ministry Foreign Deals Guido Westerwelle at National University of Tarasa Shevchenka.  He was talking about youth responsibility, freedom, Ukraine and EU, globalization impact, opportunities for ukrainian students in studying in Germany. It was actually normal speech of foreign Minister. One point from his speech I kept in mind about impotance of education: doesn't matter how many national resources a country has, in 21 century effective education system of a country lead this country to high competetiveness, innovations and green/self-recovery energy resources". US, Japan, South Korea and other developed countries spend on the education from 6% to 8% of total government budget. Yeah, science does matter. Education does matter. The main problem of ukrainian education system (at university) is so much theory and just a little practical experience. "Do not learn mechanically, learn wisebly, sensebly", - said Guido.

I …