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Let's to be liars!

Have you ever feel - this man is a liar, when he/she told you something nice, but you did not believe? Let's think: Why people are liar - me, my sister, friend, even you? Before identification this reasons, let's think: when you gonna do something, action or business, you do it for better results or you expect something better, right? If you are not a maniac), if you are an adequate person with normal brain and permissible deviation, everything that you do - is better for you, your family, community society.. A lie is action. So, people are liar with good expectations. All time for yourself. Actually, psychologists proposed many ideas Why people are liar. "1) Do notwantto upsetthe person towhomthere issympathy 2) Do notwant toget theblamein own address 3) Do notwant toclarify therelationshipandscandal 4) Do notwant toopenthe truththat will showmein a badform" (article "Why people are liar", russian translation ) There is the most 4 common reasons. But in my person…