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to do or not to do. You are a good man.

Yeah, I build this priority: "Education". In personal notebook is statment: "Finish first seminar from "International Economics" class or die!". But in real life very often to do, that you don't want do so much, can be complicated. It's about motivation. Now I read smart book about personal psychology, consciousness and subconsciousness.. By the author, our real Want is located on subconsciousness level, heart-level, intuition; consciousness-level is brain-level, logical level. So, I can motivate myself on the consciousness level "Why-education-is-important?", but if I don't feel some "response" from subconsciousness level - I will not be happy. Idea of this book to show How to build an effective "cooperation" between consciousness and subconsciousness level. It us actually a secret for overcoming lazyness and action to do for self-motivation people, who can say "Let's do it!", if in reality they do …