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Summary for 2010. First!

Ehe, finally I decided to write: How handsome Sergii estimate year 2010. It does not matter that now almost february 2011 actually.

So, 2010 started from moment when I changed all passwords on my e-mails, FB and VK accounts, other sites...
I wanted go abroad for studying, was thinking about Estonia, Tartu University as an exchange student for 1 semestr. But, no, no destiny - finally I went to South Korea... But it happened in fall.
On february I organized a project III Debate School and went away from position "Head of Debate Club".
On march & april organized excursions to the Parliament of Ukraine, our National Bank and workshops of Steave Lliano (professor from New York) with guys from KIMO.

On spring I had my first travelling abroad - Poland, Solidarity Academy 25-30 April. In true, my english was not enough for clear understanding this topic, so it was not so good for me. But I saw Warsaw, Gdansk, a little bit realized and cognized Idea of Solidarity, meet with new f…