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nowadays. Opportunity knocks only once!!


Yeah, these days are busy a little bit. I am a project manager of all-ukrainian youth forum "Leader Today. Lead Forever!", which will hold on 21-22 May. Just now looking for sponsors and partners. Last week I was doing fundraising, calling to big International Company and talking with PR, HR and Marketing managers.. This week will week of results.. But we do not stop.. Continue, continue please!
Also created a team - this wonderful people, everybody has his own motivation, personal interest but in common, the Idea of this Forum unite us - we sincerely want to help youth ukrainian leaders to develop their potential, skills.. About Forum I will continue later.

Also, in my life was coming one unexpected opportunity - to be as a director of one firm.. It makes me nervious last days. 'Coz I understand - that is soooo many benefit, I dreant about my business last three years, but from other hand it's soooo much responsibility.. I'll see))

And I got a job - c…

what does mean: Living life with aim and passion?

Только недавно сегодня дошло, что этот пост не опубликовал когда надо было. Исправляемся!!

Так вот, значит:
5 марта: сидел в 21.13 и хавал пиццу-с-под-коробки Челентано на  остановке в 4-градусный мороз в ожидании кортежа №40. Ожидаемый лимузин подьехал в 21.28. В 22.10 перелазил через забор, поскольку врата были закрыты. В 22.12 залезал в комнату через окно, поскольку двери закрываются в 22.00.

8 марта: поздравил женщин с 8 марта, сделал 1 семинар по Международной экономике и просидел весь день в Макфокси.

9 марта: в 17.05, сидя в скайпе в Шоколаднице на Льва Толстого, поспорил с Буленькой о том, что я не буду употреблять алкоголь 3 года, т.е. до 9 марта 2014 года включительно. За это она мне покупает былет в космос в 2025 году, при чем в одну сторону (обманула однако). Если я не продержусь эти три года без алкоголя, то тогда покупаю ей Бали, весь Бали!! На вопрос что с людьми делать будем, ответила: "В Украину". Третий рейх явно нервно курит.

10 марта: 7.22 утра, сижу на …

30 Things We Need — and 30 We Don't (by Tony Schwartz)

Do you have the feeling, as I do, that in the tsunami of everyday life, we're getting too much of stuff we don't need, and not enough of what we do? Herewith my first set of suggestions about how to redress the imbalance: WE NEED LESS:WE NEED MORE:InformationWisdomShallow billionairesPassionate teachersSelf-promotionSelf-awarenessMultitaskingControl of our attentionInequalityFairnessSugarLean proteinActionReflectionSuper sizesSmaller portionsPrivate jetsHigh-speed trainsCalculationPassionExpertsLearnersBlamingTaking responsibilityJudgmentDiscernmentTextingReadingAngerEmpathyOutputDepthConstructive criticismThank-you notesPossessionsMeaningRighteousnessDoing the right thingAnswersCuriosityLong hoursLonger sleepComplainingGratitudeSittingMovingSellingAuthenticity

come back to the reality

Yesterday was being on the lecture of Germany's Ministry Foreign Deals Guido Westerwelle at National University of Tarasa Shevchenka.  He was talking about youth responsibility, freedom, Ukraine and EU, globalization impact, opportunities for ukrainian students in studying in Germany. It was actually normal speech of foreign Minister. One point from his speech I kept in mind about impotance of education: doesn't matter how many national resources a country has, in 21 century effective education system of a country lead this country to high competetiveness, innovations and green/self-recovery energy resources". US, Japan, South Korea and other developed countries spend on the education from 6% to 8% of total government budget. Yeah, science does matter. Education does matter. The main problem of ukrainian education system (at university) is so much theory and just a little practical experience. "Do not learn mechanically, learn wisebly, sensebly", - said Guido.

I …