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Summary for 2010. First!

Ehe, finally I decided to write: How handsome Sergii estimate year 2010. It does not matter that now almost february 2011 actually.

So, 2010 started from moment when I changed all passwords on my e-mails, FB and VK accounts, other sites...
I wanted go abroad for studying, was thinking about Estonia, Tartu University as an exchange student for 1 semestr. But, no, no destiny - finally I went to South Korea... But it happened in fall.
On february I organized a project III Debate School and went away from position "Head of Debate Club".
On march & april organized excursions to the Parliament of Ukraine, our National Bank and workshops of Steave Lliano (professor from New York) with guys from KIMO.

On spring I had my first travelling abroad - Poland, Solidarity Academy 25-30 April. In true, my english was not enough for clear understanding this topic, so it was not so good for me. But I saw Warsaw, Gdansk, a little bit realized and cognized Idea of Solidarity, meet with new f…

The wind of change: thesis

Okay, I'm not going to philosophizing so much. It is alredy happened. What I know today:

1) I have powers and strength, confidence for fully face with this. Say: "Hello" and "Bye" when its neccessary. Positive thinking.

2) My brain has a freedom of thinking about potential future tasks, which could happened, but will not.
The option is puuting in brain some new tasks.

3) Today I finished my application to UGRAD, which can lead to new exchange experience. Thank you to professors Ingyu Oh and Grigoriev for references.

4) Realized: many people are ready to support me and understand.

5) From childhood I like to help people.

6) Sometimes "run and run" doesn't work, going to clarify direction for confident running, put new important accents.

bye, bye 2010. Hello 2011!!!

hoh!! That is my first after return from South Korea. So many things happened: we (Rindia, Anthony, Grace, Keang) tried to achieve the highest mountain in Seoul (837 m) - Bukhasan Mt. (12 December), finally Anthony with Grace were lost; Rindia, Kyeng and me achieved peak, but it was being so hard and dangerous.
Then i had 1 week of totally fun, Lotte-world, shopping & buying souveniers for ukrainian relatives and friends, last drinking night in Seoul (16/17 December), with a lot of karaoke, beers, fruits and games.
More detailed plan you can see in my notes on facebook profile
On 17 December in evening time i departured from Seoul, Angelica helped me to pack my bag (thanks her, a lot; and shame on me).
In Dubai my left leg started to ache, and was forgotten a scarf. Nothing special. But from the window of airplane i saw Dubai. Amazing!
In Moscow's subway i got a culture shock, - a lot of poor people, police asked on the every step documents, s…