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Year's Conclusions. 2011.

2011 is almost done and as usual people do, they make conclusions about year 2011. You can review my conclusions of previous year..
In true, I do not like conclude a year. It is better to compare and analyse your progress today in comprasion of yestarday. As one of friends said: "A little progress every day leads to big results".
Spring. After came back from Korea I got some ill and was forsed to be in hospital till May 11th. Then was no way to travel abroad (I was going to participate in Global Entrepreneurship Training in South Korea and Liberal Academy in Georgia). But what I did - All-Ukrainian leadership forum "ILead", which took place in the end of May, 96 participants from different regions in Ukraine, it was wonderful experience and I recognized real value of responsibility. 
Summer. I did hitchhiking to the Atlantic Ocean with Oksana. We traveled two and half weeks till La Coruna in Spain. Then I obtained two visas for 5 days and in August participated in two…

TOEFL & Beethoven

Last Saturday I passed TOEFL in Lviv. It was not so difficult. If you do enough preparation, so everything will be fine. I arrived at the day before, on Friday morning from Kyiv by train. A friend of mine, Volodymyr, met me and I stayed at his home. Well, it was being nice time in his house. I slept well, ate so tasty food, prepared for the TOEFL and watched movie "The Devil's Advocate".

In true, the test was not difficult at all. I passed that and later met my mother-in-law, Eleonora, with whom I went to coffee-shop, we drunk good coffee and disscussed about life, future and so on. Rapidly, a friend of Eleonora called her and say something like that: "Hey! I have three tickets on the Beethoven's concert. Would you like to come?". Of course, she would. And me.

Although, weather was not so polite (raining), I had actually great time in Lviv as a culture capital of Ukraine. Just like it. At the same time, in Kyiv, Business Show took place (a conference about s…

Business: last week of November 2011

I have to write that, because in this fast moving life something can be forgotten. Could you imagine how I will be surprised, when will read this post after 10 years or 20 years? Or when my grandchildren will read this post? Sounds cool, right?! :-)

In the end of November I organized with support of Taras (owner of Comman Business School) a meeting with businessman - Maksym Khramov, the owner of business network "Pizza Celentano" in Kyiv. He told for more than 200 people own success story, how he started to do business, what were strenths and weaknesses on the way ("Celentano Pizza" is a franchising business) and so on. It was very informative and I recognized some specific things about franchising business in Ukraine. Hope, it was interesting  & useful for others as well.

Also I interviewed three entrepreneurs - Yaroslav, Oksana and Oleksandr, who are doing business in Ukraine. I asked them about how they started business, what is their approach to money, are …

Conference and examination period

On December 3rd I participated in the International KSE Conference "20 years after the end of Soviet Union: challenges and economic achievements", which took place in Kyiv, Ukraine. Actually, it's diffucult to say that it was so international conference: from foreign countries were represented Belorussia, Italy and Kazakhstan. Anyway, it was a good event with a lot of cool and smart people from different regions of Ukraine. I met new friends - Evgeniy from Donetsk, Vitaliy from Chernivtsi (Ukraine) and Pavel from Belorussia. Also me and my friend Vasyl won first prize as best research paper, which was presented on the Conference. I have to say, that we spent really a lot of time on the actual research and 7 hours for making a presentation in the Prezi. More information about this you can read here
On December 5, Monday, examination period officially started at my university. I tried to be a good student during this semester and my marks mostly have A or B.On December 4…

ISpeak - friends' photos

We organized on November 12th - 13th all-ukrainian orathory development forum "ISpeak". I decided to put some cool pictures of organizers - my good friends. Hope, they will not know :-) It was one of the best projects I took part as an organizer. Thank you, guys.



Good good life

Well, finally I am here. It is like an ability to find a time for writing posts between 2 and 4 am. Best time actually, my roommate Roma is sleeping. I guess, almost everybody is sleeping this time, calm time).

That was short introduction. In those five weeks many things as usual happened. All-ukrainian forums "Be Entrepreneur" and "ISpeak" happened. Be Entrepreneur is about how to do business in Ukraine. ISpeak is about development orathory skills. I was an initiator of these two really big projects, and it is really cool to understand that you did something usefull. As I know, after Be Entrepreneur two groups of participants found potential investors, it means probably new business will happened soon..

In November 18th, the Day of Economic Faculty happened. We celebrated that quite well, even I did good and funny perfomance-dance during the concert. Also I was organizer one more project: "Charity Auction of Dating". We saled people: teachers, girls and…

my best 20th!

I don't know, good it is or not, just look at the facts.

In Octobers 9th I had birthday, 20 years. I don't know how it is in other countries, but in Ukraine this like "full date" (for ins., 20, 25, 30..50 - 100 years) people celebrate with a lot of, really a lot of fun. My 20th birthday was very funny: I was studying and organizing projects. If you compare last year birthday celebration, when friends of mine with me went to the centre of Seoul (in South Korea) with posters: "I need a girl", "Today is his birthday", "free hugs" and my mobile phone - sooooo different - you coul realize how much fun I had.

It's not me, on the second picture, but you can imagine how it looked) Degradation? Growth & development? Might be, other guy after this comprasion would do a suicide, but not me :D

I guess, it's a new level of workoholism, Korean lifestyle still impact on me - do my best in goals-achievement everytime and everywehere, the best …

last week of September: intensive & interesting

Long time didn't write. As usual, a little busy time.
Last week, was being so intensive by events. I organized 3 excursions to the Ukrainian Parliament, 1 meeting with former Minister of Finance in Ukraine - Victor Pinzenyk, JCI Youth mounth members meeting in JT International and had a night in university's library.

Let's look at that step by step:

Excursions to the Ukrainin Parliament: I already was being there 5th times, so those week I didn't visit. Katya, fresh-student, helped me very well in organizing process.Meeting with former Minister of Finance: he told us about current economic situation, about necessary reforms and decreasing a role of state in the Economy, etc. It was interesting to hear, but I didn't get main points. It was being a lot of information.. Yeah, we have to do a lot of things for make our economy "healthy and wealthy" ;-)JCI Youth monthly member meeting. I discussed a lot, presented current projects, told about future plans, ide…


Last Sunday I run my first marathon 42 km 195 m in 4 hours 14 minutes and 4 seconds. In true, it was one of the most difficult achievemts during last two years. Although, I did preparation previously: tried to run every morning, a week before did 1/2 marathon running (21 km), - it was really really hard.

I want to thank to Paula Osborn from USA (we run together last 20 km) and to my friends - Alina Beskrovna and Victoria Bula. Support from your friends and "runmate", especially last 10 km, is very important and necessary.

The most difficult was being to run last 5 km. My legs became a chronic pain, back.. Actually, I thought to stop and just walk a little, but understood: if I would stop, I wasn't able to countinue running after that. Yes, it was running on the limit. And I realized, how strong is my willing to get finish point.

Last our of running was nothing with my physical ability to run. But it was a deal with "control" my brain, push out wrong thoughts and …


If you can dream it - you can do it..  W. Disney

First two weeks of September were being so active. Finally, I found the job - organizer the biggest conference in Ukraine - Bizshow, I really like it and enjoy. Today had first day of working, glad to work there.

By the way, I founded goals till the end of the year. Have you ever heard about a wheel of life? It is about a balance in your life.

Yeah, it looks like that. You have to mark how do you feel a level of satisfaction in every sphere of life. Some scientists believe, that if everything will be in balance and satisfied by max, then person become as the most happiest in the world. It is happines. In case you have "in balance" - you can be happy also, I believe, but not as could be.. This balance.. is a little bit difficult.
Now I am working to improve next three part of life: finance, relationship and family.
Finance: I have a goal to earn 1100 Euros till the end of year 2011. The reason is strong, believe me.
Family: from my …

life in three months. Summer.

It was so interncive and full of fun summer. I've visited 11 European countries, did hitchhiking to the Atlantic Ocean in Spain, participated in two different summer schools and, mainly, met with a lot of cool people, great friends!! Yeah, probably the best summer in my life.
June:  finished my third year of studying (from four)participated in International Economic Forum for Young Leaders and Expertsparticipated in TEDx Enterpreneurshipwas going to do third parashute jumping in my life, but didn't because of weather
July: obtained a Shengen visa for three weeksdid with Oksana hitchhilking to the Atlantic Ocean (La Coruna) through Poland, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France and Spainwas sleeping in park in Paris, on petrol stations near Strasbourg and Wroclawobtained two visas for 5 days (Romanian and Shengen)did hitchhiking from Ukraine to Latvia through Belorussia, Lithuania.


participated in Baltic International Summer School (August 1st-14th, Latvia, Estonia)participate…

bus-day in Romania and non-bus night at the same place


Today we arrived from Bucharest to Sibiu, Transilvania. This trip took all day, because we were driving through mountains, which are actually great!! I overslept my brekfast and finally felt so hungry when we were in hydroelectricity station. Yeah, I was being inside of Vidraru HydroElectricity station as a participant of summer school "Energy and Economic Growth". It was really really cool.

Then we came to Sibiu, stay in Ibis Hotel and went to the restaurant. Actually I have never thought that you can dance in the restaurant as same as in the night club. There were many different songs, but mostly romanian. Aaaaaa, it was soooo f*king funny to dance with Lilit and Adrianu! Also I learnt some romanian national dance-movement)

Finally I realized: you will enjoy every moment of your life if you are just follow your passion!

Thank you being with me and reading this post! Enjoy every moment of your life!!

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just reread my posts when I was being in South Korea, last fall. Feel like I lost something... Can not realize what exectly. Might be, it's because of changes?

Bucharest a little and great just good memories

Already two days in Bucharest, Romania. I am participating in summer school anot energy and economic growth. Before that I was being in Latvia and Estonia, for another summer school anout nature, culture and spa tourism. Add some photo here. I've never been in Romania, Bucharest is so special city, bacause of many biuldings in rich style are at the same time with poor soviet style buildings as well, which are needed to be reconstracted..

People: 55 participants from 17 countries. Many people from Romania and Germany. From Ukraine only two guys - me and Igor. Today met with a girl from Syria - she is a JCI member as me. People here are interesting, but I don't know why for me is hard a little to communicate with them. Might be, it's because of after summer school in Baltics countries, where I found many friends and even family, for me is not so easy to start new relations. Anyway, we had good fun yesterday in night club and during night sightseeng by bus in Bucharest.

Best enjoy slowly: Cesis, Latvia!

It happened one day… We came back from Estonia and stayed in Valmiera, city in Latvia, which is located in one hour driving by car from Riga. Weather was raining and we had a free time. In Valmiera we already have been in different places and were thinking how could we to spend our time by interesting way and with so much fun. Our Latvian friend recommended us to go to the nearest city to Valmiera, which is Cesis (just 30 km far from us).

There is beginning to everything. The city and area is quite interesting, as we realized later, with history more than eight hundred years. So, we arrived by car with a driver Yanis from Valmiera (he was being our guide in Cesis, originally from Valmiera) to the centre. I was being with friends from Ukraine (Eleonora), Mexico (Ramon), and Germany (Ana). Our journey has started…'

And from the first step we were impressed by view: it was a big green Castle park (because of castle is there) with a river, which sometimes looks like a small lake. Ther…

have fun in Estonia!

I am in Estonia. As mentioned before, still participating in one summer school about tourism in Baltic region. For last 5 days so much things happened.

In Latvia we has good activities for every day: oriented game in the city (Valmiera) - we are winners), visiting Baltic coast and BBQ party, sunset, driving by bikes 32 km to National Park, learning latvian and estonian languages.. And that are everything with great people from different countries: Mexico, Germany, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Hong Kong, Cyprus.. We are playing toghether with a lot of fun, by way to Estonia we played Mafia in bus, it wasn't good as could be, because mafias didn't push at the same time some of citizens.

Also yesterday we made perfomance of our country food, I was leading all process. We were singing ("Ти ж мене підманула..") song and gave for trying ukrainian "salo" (fat), vodka, crimean wine... Georgia cooked "Hachapuri", also vine. A girl from Hong Kong presented a mil…

learn and experience Baltics

today I arrived to Latvia, by hitchhiking from Kyiv trough Bellorussia, Lithuania to Riga, for participation in Summer School "Learn and Experience Baltics: nature, culture and spa tourism". Actually I depated from Kyiv in July 30th at 11.00 am. and came to Riga in July 31th at 20.00. It is about more than 1000 km.

Просмотреть увеличенную карту

Hitchhiking in Baltic region. In Bellorussia it was being good, I didn't wait more than 20 min and visited Gomel, Minsk, met with one hitchhiker as a driver and he shared experience of hitching to Moscow and St.Petersburg from Gomel. But mainly I got: situation in Belorussia is not soooo bad, as mass-media in Ukraine are writing about. Might be, the policy of Lukashenko is not so good, but they have enough food in shops (some people said me they haven't), they don't have any corruption relations with police and government. Yeah, here if you want to leave good you have to work on two or three jobs, but in my opinion it's …